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Golf swing training device and method

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6254493.

The golf swing training device has a foreshortened shaft, a grip mounted on the upper end of the shaft, a head mounted on the lower end of the shaft, a first laser module mounted in the grip end of the shaft for directing a laser beam upwardly from the grip in co-axial alignment with the central axis of the shaft, and a pair of laser modules mounted in the head of the training device for directing a pair of spaced parallel laser beams downwardly from the head in a diametrically opposed direction from the beam emanating from the grip. The two beams projecting from the head of the training device are disposed in a common plane with a downward extension of the central axis of the shaft such that a line drawn between the points of impact of the beams on the ground visually defines the footprint and thus the angular orientation of an imaginary club face. The laser carrying head is configured so that it can not be used to strike a golf ball. The training device also includes a momentary on-off switch mounted in the grip for activating the laser modules upon the golf training device being held in a conventional golf grip. The method includes gripping the golf training device and performing a golf swing while observing the laser beams to train a consistent golf swing.

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