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Method for manufacturing a structure with fine ribs

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6251208.

A structure having fine ribs with a high dimensional precision is used as the rear panel of a plasma display or as a micro organism carrier for use in a chemical device. The present invention aims to provide a method for manufacturing such a structure at low cost. According to the invention, a composite sheet comprises a surface layer of silicone rubber and a base layer of a steel sheet. Grooves are formed in the surface layer, and filled with a paste material. The paste material is cured to form ribs. After a substrate is placed on the surface layer of the composite sheet, the composite sheet is pressed against the substrate from the base layer side, thereby compressing the ribs and adhering them to the substrate. Thereafter, the ribs and the substrate are removed from the composite sheet. As a result, a structure with fine ribs is obtained.

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