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Amusement apparatus for a shooting game with successive potential scoring emissions

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6248019.

Apparatus for playing amusement games comprising a plurality of player units 18 having an emitter 27 for emitting a directed beam, means for timing 23 and indicating to the players 24, 25 successive potentially scoring emissions from the emitter 27. The apparatus includes targets 31, which may include player units. The player units include means for indicating that they are timing an emission 105 for example by a flashing light and/or an audible signal. The targets 31 react to receipt of potentially scoring emissions and react differently to some potentially scoring emissions than to others, particularly where the players and their player units are arranged in teams. The player units include memories for memorising the events in which they are concerned in the game, and from which other player units they are received. Similarly the target devices can store their events. The emitters 26 emit light beams either of infra-red light or visible light. The beams are modulated to identify which particular emitter device is emitting which beam.

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