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Vehicle headlamp

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #6247834.

A vehicle headlamp including: a reference member mounted on and fixed to a vehicle body; an inclinable member including a light source mounted thereon, and disposed in the reference member inclinably with respect to the reference member for setting an optical axis of the headlamp; an aiming mechanism for adjusting the inclination of the inclinable member in the vertical direction thereof as well as in the right and direction thereof with respect to the reference member; and an inclination measuring device interposed between the reference member and the inclinable member for measuring the inclination of said optical axis of the headlamp in the right and left direction thereof, while a zero point adjustment operation portion of a zero point adjust mechanism disposed in the inclination measuring device is exposed outwardly of the reference member, the headlamp being characterized in that a hide member is mounted directly on the zero point adjustment operation portion or on a vertical wall formed integrally with the reference member in such a manner as to surround the zero point adjustment operation portion, and the zero point adjustment operation portion is hidden by the hide member.

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