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Digital image processing

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6240217.

A method of processing digital image information, including pixel intensity information, includes the steps of identifying a region of the image in which pixel intensities are similar to each other, but the median pixel intensity differs significantly from the median pixel intensity of other parts of the image; and modifying pixel intensities in the identified region so that the median for the region is closer to the median for the other parts of the image. A related method of processing digital image information involves modifying pixel intensities according to a non-linear algorithm, with the result that one or more regions of the image have their median pixel intensities adjusted to a level which is closer to the median pixel intensity for other parts of the image. A composite digital image can be formed by obtaining first and second digital images of the same scene but with different exposure or light reception conditions so that one of the digital images has higher pixel intensity values than the other; identifying one or more regions on the first image which are less clear than the corresponding regions on the second image; and replacing the identified regions of the first image with the corresponding regions of the second image.

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