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Recycled roofing material and method of manufacturing same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6228503.

A recycled asphalt roofing material for use on sloped roofs, which provides the required elevated melt point without using prior art methods of oxidizing the asphalt prior to incorporation into the roofing material is provided. The recycled asphalt roofing material is made up of approximately 30% flux asphalt and approximately 70% reclaimed asphalt roofing material. The fibrous backing in the reclaimed material modifies the asphalt in such a way as to provide the required elevated melt point. The manufacturing process for recycled fiberglass mat-based roll and shingle roofing, in its preferred embodiment, consists of impregnating a roofing material backbone, such as a fiberglass or polyester mat with recycled asphalt material to form inner and outer layers of recycled material and then applying optional second inner and outer layers of standard asphalt coating to the inner and outer layers of the recycled material. The second coating encapsulates and seals the recycled material and thus ensures that the recycled roofing material will have the same longevity as prior art asphalt roofing materials.

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