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Stackless continuous dual-sided copying method in photocopiers

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6226069.

The invention provides a stackless continuous dual-sided copying method in photocopying machines. The method includes: a first step of finding as a circulatable sheet count the number of copy sheets that can stay in a circulating conveyance path when performing stackless continuous dual-sided copying; a second step of successively feeding sheets of copy paper wherein the number of the fed sheets is based on the circulatable sheet count if a copy sheet count remaining amount is greater than the circulatable sheet count, and successively convey-introducing the sheets of copy paper into the circulating conveyance path from a copy-sheet conveyance entry point for the circulating conveyance path; and a third step of resuming sheet-feeding operations at a predetermined timing after the last sheet of the copy sheets has finished passing the conveyance entry point in the circulating conveyance path, for starting a next continuous dual-sided copying cycle after copying to first sides of the copy sheets successively convey-introduced into the circulating conveyance path in the second step is completed. Accordingly, when carrying out stackless continuous dual-sided copying in accordance with the present invention, there is no need for copy sheet detection sensors to determine whether the number of copy sheets conveyed to the circulating conveyance path has reached the conveyable sheet count.

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