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Method of transferring photosensitive material and apparatus used therefor

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6222616.

A method and apparatus for transferring a strip-form photosensitive paper material comprising mounting a feed roller on an upstream side of an exposure table and a transferring roller on a downstream side of the exposure table and intermittently transferring photosensitive paper material onto the exposure table only in predetermined feed size, characterized by measuring, in advance, a feed size of the photosensitive paper material based on a number of revolutions of the feed roller and a feed size of the photosensitive paper, based on number of revolutions of the transferring roller, and compensating for the number of revolutions given to both rollers in order to prevent an error generated between the photosensitive paper feed sizes and an exposure table having upstream feed rollers and downstream transfer rollers and control means for measuring and feed the photosensitive paper material.

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