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Pre-equilibrium chemical reaction energy converter

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6222116.

The use of newly discovered chemical reaction products, created when reactants combine to form products on the surface of a catalyst, to generate electricity, beams of radiation or mechanical motion. The invention also provides methods to convert the products into electricity or motion. The electric generator consists of a catalyst nanocluster, nanolayer or quantum well placed on a substrate consisting of a semiconductor diode, and a semiconductor diode on the surface of the substrate near the catalyst. The device to generate mechanical motion consists of a catalyst nanocluster, nanolayer or quantum well placed on a substrate, and a hydraulic fluid in contact with the non-reaction side of the substrate, with the surfaces of both the catalyst and substrate mechanically formed to enhance the unidirectional forces on the fluid. Both devices use a fuel-oxidizer mixture brought in contact with the catalyst. The apparatus converts a substantial fraction of the reaction product energy into useful work during the brief interval before such products equilibrate with their surroundings.

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