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Ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite material and method of producing the same

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6217997.

According to a ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite material of the present invention, a ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite material 1 comprises a composite ceramic matrix, and a preform 5 resulting from a fiber bundle 3 obtained by bundling a plurality of ceramic fibers 2 and disposed therein, and is characterized in that a first ceramic matrix M1 is formed in an inner space of the fiber bundle 3 and at a region adjacent to an outer periphery thereof, and a second ceramic matrix M2 is formed in an inner space of the preform 5 and at an outer peripheral region thereof, the space and region of the preform being defined except for those of the fiber bundle. Also characteristically, ceramic fibers are compositely disposed in a fiber volume fraction (Vf) of greater than 10% in a reaction-sintered ceramic matrix. It is further preferred that the composite material be provided on a surface thereof with a coat layer composed solely of a ceramics and having a thickness of not less than 50 .mu.m.

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