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Writing instrument having a glitter embedded barrel and method of making same

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6217245.

A writing instrument is manufactured in a unique manner by the application of three layers of materials which provide an overall partially transparent and iridescent glitter coated pen or pencil configuration. The main body can be of plastic or wood and has a base coat of a relatively dark colorant such as a lacquer paint applied to the barrel of the writing instrument. A layer of wood and plastic adhesive preferably of a resin-type adhesive such as polyvinyl acrylic adhesive is then applied over the base colorant coat and glitter is deposited thereon preferably at a thickness of only one glitter particle. This glitter is preferably relatively small being approximately 0.08 millimeters in particle size and is preferably electrostatically deposited onto the glue or adhesive layer prior to curing thereof. The curing of the adhesive is then achieved by heating of the writing instrument such as passing thereof through an oven which affixes the glitter in position within the adhesive and affixes the adhesive with respect to the barrel of the writing instrument and with respect to the base colorant. A clear cover coat is preferably applied over the glitter-coated barrel to enhance adherence thereof. Preferably the glitter is of an iridescent mylar to provide an overall frosted appearance which is entirely unique.

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