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Coupling optical fibre to waveguide

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6212320.

An apparatus is provided for coupling an optical fibre to a waveguide on an optical chip, the apparatus comprises a recess in the chip for receiving the optical fiber, the recess comprising a V-groove the side faces of which locate the position of the fiber in directions perpendicular to the optical axis of the fiber so as to position the fibre in alignment with the waveguide, and an end face adjacent the end of the waveguide, the end face of the recess being substantially flat and substantially perpendicular to the plane of the chip with its normal inclined to the optical axis of the waveguide so an optical fiber having an inclined end face can be brought into a close, abutting relationship with the end of the waveguide and brought into rotational alignment therewith about its optical axis by positioning the fiber so its inclined end face lies in planar contact with the end face of the recess.

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