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Variable delivery fuel supply device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6209522.

A variable delivery fuel supply device capable of obtaining a stable fuel pressure even in a case of inoperability of an electromagnetic valve and capable of improving the durability of the electromagnetic valve, which comprises fuel injection valves 1a through 1d for injecting fuel to respective cylinders of an internal combustion engine, a delivery pipe 2 connected with the fuel injection valves 1a through 1d, a fuel pump 3 which sucks fuel from a fuel intake valve into a pressurizing chamber 23 by a reciprocating action of a plunger 21 in a cylinder 20 and supplies the pressurized fuel into the delivery pipe 2 through a discharge valve 31, an electromagnetic valve 32 located in a relief passage 35 communicating the pressurizing chamber 23 of the fuel pump 32 with the fuel intake port 27 and is adapted to control a discharge quantity of the pressurized fuel by relieving the pressurized fuel in the pressurizing chamber 23 into the fuel intake port 27 at the time of opening the valve to thereby control a fuel pressure in the delivery pipe 2, and a high pressure regulator 19 for controlling a fuel pressure by relieving the pressurized fuel in a high-pressure fuel passage including the delivery pipe 2.

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