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Method of transporting a steam turbine and a device for aiding the transportation of a steam turbine

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6203270.

There is provided a device for aiding transportation of a steam turbine which includes a rotor extending along a longitudinal axis and having multistage stationary and moving blades, a casing, supported by a base structure, for enclosing the rotor, bearings for rotationally supporting the rotor, and a pair of glands for sealing between the casing and the rotor, the casing including longitudinally opposite side flanges, the glands being mounted onto gland portions which are provided on the respective sides of the rotor outside of the casing and attached to the respective side flanges of the casing through a pair of flexible members, the device includes restrainers which are adapted to replace the glands after the glands are removed from the rotor and the casing. The restrainers are fitted onto the rotor where the glands had been mounted, and secured to the side flanges of the casing whereby the rotor and the casing are connected to each other to limit the relative movement therebetween and the restrainers bear the weight of the rotor with the bearings.

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