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Printed circuit board having a positioning marks for mounting at least one electronic part

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6201193.

A printed circuit board is provided to which a device such as a tape carrier package having a multiplicity of leads arranged with a small pitch is connected by a local heating method using a bonding tool. The upper surfaces of solder layers provided on lands formed on the printed circuit board are flattened prior to leads of an electronic part to be mounted being placed on the solder layers. The leads are soldered to the lands by being pressed and heated with the bonding tool. At least a region of the printed circuit board corresponding to the bottom surface of the bonding tool has a height lower than that of the leads superposed on the lands, so that the desired parallelism of the bottom surface of the bonding tool with respect to the printed circuit board is maintained. Positioning parts are provided in a region of the printed circuit board where the electronic part is to be mounted, to position the electronic part onto the printed circuit board.

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