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Storable exterior seat for a vehicle

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6196612.

An automotive seat assembly (10, 10') including a platform (18, 18') supported on an automotive vehicle (12, 12'). The platform (18, 18') is movable through a storage compartment opening (22, 22') in an exterior shell (14, 14') of the vehicle (12, 12') between an interior stowed position and a horizontal exterior use position. A platform support structure (24, 24') secures the platform (18, 18') in the use position. The platform support structure (24, 24') includes a bumper (26, 26') supported on the vehicle (12, 12') below the storage compartment opening (22, 22'). The bumper (26, 26') supports the platform (18, 18') when the platform (18, 18') is in the use position. A spacer pad (36) fixed to a bottom surface (62) of the platform (18) protects the finish of the bumper (26).

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