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Brush section for an electronic toothbrush

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6195828.

The invention is directed to a brush section (1) for an electric toothbrush. The brush section (1) has a mounting tube (2) in which is accommodated an actuatable plug-on shaft (3) mounted for rotation about a longitudinal axis (4), said shaft being equipped with a driving element (24) arranged eccentrically to the longitudinal axis (4). Further, the brush section (1) has a bristle carrier (8) mounted for rotation about a transverse axis (10) and equipped with a driven element (22) arranged eccentrically to the transverse axis (10) and coupled with the driving element (24). In this arrangement, a rotary movement (5) of the plug-on shaft (3) about the longitudinal axis (4) produces a rotary movement (25) of the bristle carrier (8) about the transverse axis (10. The plug-on shaft (3) and the bristle carrier (8) are braced against each other and/or against the mounting tube (2) by spring means. This prevents the occurrence of rattling noises in activated condition of the electric toothbrush.

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