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Method for reading magnetic super resolution type magneto-optical recording medium

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #6188649.

A reading method for a magneto-optical recording medium is provided, irradiating laser light as a reading beam and using a magnetic head. High density and high transmission rate are possible and a correct reading can be performed according to the length of recording marks by reading the magneto-optical recording medium while impressing a magnetic field with an orientation promoting the translation of magnetic domain walls. In the magnetic super resolution type magneto-optical recording medium, which attains a signal only from one portion of the irradiation domain of the reading beam and has at least a recording layer and a reading layer on a substrate, the focused laser light is irradiated as a reading beam and the magnetic field is modulated, using the magnetic head, which is equipped with a slider and glides or floats on the recording medium. The magneto-optical recording medium is read, while impressing a magnetic field 161 that accelerates at least the transcription of the magnetization of the recording layer into the reading layer.

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