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Welding assembly apparatus for welding fasteners to a component and method of welding fasteners to the component

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6186391.

The fastener, which can be arc-welded to a component, is in the form of a resilient sleeve (1) and has a longitudinal slit (2). In a preferred embodiment both its end faces (3) are identical in construction, in order to simplify previous sorting to ensure accurate positioning in the welding assembly apparatus, and provided with a thread-shaped internal bore (4). The welding assembly apparatus for welding on elongate fasteners is provided with a feed channel and an axially displaceable holder for the fasteners. Instead of a slitted collet chuck, the axially displaceable holder (5) is in the form of a rigid tube in which are retained the fasteners in the form of resilient sleeves (1). The arrangement for attaching an assembly part to the fastener has an assembly part (21) which may be set on the fastener in a frictionally- and positively-engaging manner. The assembly part (21) can have in its bore (27) a projection (28) for engaging behind holder (23) mounted on the external wall of the fastener (20).

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