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Wheel rim top cover

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6183047.

A wheel rim including a first wheel rim section having a base and a pair of circumferential support flanges at opposite sides of the base, each of which extends radially outwardly from said base. A second wheel rim section has a base and a pair of circumferential support flanges at opposite sides of the base, each of which curves axially and radially outwardly. The second wheel rim section is sized to fit inside the first wheel rim section with the bases of the respective wheel rim sections in contact engagement. The outer peripheral edges of the flanges of both rim sections meet along the circumference of the wheel rim and are joint together by weldments that extend around the entire circumference of the wheel. The result is a composite wheel rim having an inner contour of a conventional roll-formed wheel rim and an outer, distinct contour. In an alternative embodiment, a composite wheel rim is formed of an extrusion having a cross section corresponding generally to the cross section of the joined two wheel rim sections of the preferred embodiment.

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