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Crop remover assembly

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #6176772.

Device for removing at least the crop of slaughtered poultry, comprising means for holding a carcass of the poultry, a crop probe assembly with a crop probe holder and an elongated crop probe, which is provided with crop engaging means in an end portion, such as a number of teeth/sprockets, means for moving the crop probe up and down between a non-active position to one or more active positions, means for turning the crop probe about its longitudinal axis, in which the crop probe is provided with a nose on the outer end of the end portion, and in which on the side of the holder means facing away from the crop probe the device is provided with a neck breaker with neck breaking means and with means for activating the neck breaker and with means for moving the neck breaker toward the carcass and away from it, said means for moving the crop probe, the activating means and the means for moving the neck breaker being geared to one another such that during activation of the neck breaker the nose of the crop probe is held on a level which is situated just above the breaking plane of the neck of the carcass to be realized by the neck breaker.

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