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Heat activation method for thermosensitive adhesive label, and heat activation apparatus and label printer for the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6172698.

A heat activation method for activating a thermosensitive adhesive label having a support and a thermosensitive adhesive layer which is provided on the support and is not adhesive at room temperature, so as to make the thermosensitive adhesive layer adhesive with the application of heat thereto, includes the step of heating the thermosensitive adhesive layer so as to make the thermosensitive adhesive layer adhesive by energizing a heater which is in contact with the thermosensitive adhesive layer, the heater having a heat-application portion which is constructed in such a fashion that a resistor and a protective layer are successively overlaid on a ceramic substrate. A heat activation apparatus has the above-mentioned heater, and a label printer for the thermosensitive adhesive label has a label holder, a printing apparatus, a cutter and a heat activator.

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