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Mobile computer and method of packet encryption and authentication in mobile computing based on security policy of visited network

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6170057.

A mobile computer and a packet encryption and authentication method which are capable of controlling an activation of a packet encryption and authentication device belonging to the mobile computer according to the security policy at the visited network of the mobile computer. The mobile computer is provided with a packet encryption and authentication unit having an ON/OFF switchable function for applying an encryption and authentication processing on input/output packets of the mobile computer. Then, one of the packet encryption and authentication unit and an external packet processing device is selectively controlled to carry out the encryption and authentication processing on the input/output packets, where the external packet processing device being provided in a visited network at which the mobile computer is located and having a function for relaying packets transferred between a computer located in the visited network and a computer located in another network by applying the encryption and authentication processing.

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