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Yarn-forming filament cooling apparatus

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6168406.

Disclosed is a yarn-forming filament cooling apparatus mainly including a stand-up air compartment defining a cooling air channel and a quick-cooling air-converge compartment located above the cooling air channel. Inner tubes are provided in the air-converge compartment corresponding to filament guiding ports provided on a top of the cooling air channel. Each inner tube is provided on a circumferential surface with a plurality of throttle pores, such that when filaments are directed to pass filament guiding ports and inner tubes at high speed, air flowing through the cooling air channel is radially drawn into inner tubes to cool the filaments in all directions while the filaments keep moving forward at full speed. Meanwhile, cooling air is supplied into an upper portion of the air-converge compartment in horizontally opposite directions without producing lateral resistance to the moving filaments. Whereby, high yield rate of yarns with stable quality can be achieved.

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