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Stent valve and stent graft

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6162245.

A star-shaped stent and replacement valve or replacement graft for use in repairing damaged vascular organs: Two to eight star-shaped members are interconnected into a "chain". Once this "chain" has been created through interconnection of the star-shaped members, a central opening through all of the interconnected star-shaped members receives a graft made of any suitable flexible and bio-compatible material. A catheter delivery system is used to deliver the stent with the graft to the desired site. The star-shaped stents are made by using a laser to cut out a plurality of flat star-shaped members with a plurality of outwardly and inwardly directed points. The outwardly directed points are bent so that they face away from a plane defined by the inwardly directed points and then a series of such stents are fastened together in a chain.

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