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Sleeper sofa with an air mattress

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #6161231.

A sleeper sofa incorporating an air mattress including a telescoping mattress frame for supporting a mattress support subassembly consisting of hinge panels. The hinges used to connect the panels limit the angular range of motion of adjacent panels to plus or minus from a coplanar arrangement. The "panel" that defines the seating surface on which seat cushions rest when the sofa is in the seating position may be supported in the seating position by a pair of side rails that lack significant structure in the seating plane. This "panel" may also include a set of sinuous springs clad in padding similar to the seat-cushion support surface of a conventional non-sleeper sofa. The air mattress used in the sleeper sofa can be a multi-chamber design in which the outer edges of the mattress are inflated to a higher pressure to prevent the user from rolling off the edge of the mattress. The mattress may also include a centrally located longitudinal divider portion, inflated to a higher pressure, between individually pressure controlled sleeping portions to prevent one user from rolling from a high pressure sleeping area to the adjacent sleeping area when the adjacent area is at a lower pressure than the high pressure sleeping area. The mattress may also include a cover with internally attached elastomeric straps used to assist mattress deflation in specific areas of the mattress, like the foot end, for example.

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