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Optical component and method of manufacture

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6160597.

An optical component having a hybrid layer structure includes an orienting layer, a further layer in contact with the orienting layer and incorporating a cross-linked liquid crystalline monomer and at least one additional orienting layer on top of the liquid crystalline layer, and preferably includes one additional cross-linked liquid crystalline monomer. The layers have different functions, such as orienting or retarding. At least one of the orienting layers should be a photo-orientating polymer network layer, or have locally varying orienting pattern. These optical components are useful in transmittance and reflective liquid crystal displays, such as rotation cells, STN cells, ferroelectric cells, and cells having an addressable active matrix. Such cells are useful in optical and integrated optical devices, and may be used for safeguarding against counterfeiting and copying in transmission.

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