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Three-phase stepping motor and driving method therefor

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #6160330.

A three-phase stepping motor comprising: a rotation shaft rotatably supported by a pair of bearings provided in predetermined places of a housing so as to be in opposition to each other; a permanent-magnet rotor formed in a cylindrical shape so as to have south (S) and north (N) poles magnetized alternately in the direction of rotation on an outer circumferential portion of the rotor, or an induced magnetization rotor having S and N poles disposed alternately in the direction of rotation which are formed in a manner so that permanent magnets with the same polarity are fitted or formed so as to be identical in polarity at their surfaces in grooves formed parallelly to each other at a regular pitch in a surface of a magnetic body formed to be cylindrical in parallel to the rotation shaft and the cylindrical magnetic body is subjected to induced magnetization to form the S and N poles alternately in the surface of the cylindrical magnetic body; and a stator disposed so as to be in opposition to a surface of one of the rotors through a gap of a predetermined size, the stator having main poles the number of which is a multiple of 3, each of the main pole having a predetermined number of pole teeth and having a stator coil mounted thereon.

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