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Speech quality measurement in mobile telecommunication networks based on radio link parameters

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6157830.

A method and system for measuring the speech quality in a mobile cellular telecommunications network using available radio link parameters is disclosed herein. In a preferred embodiment, the method includes receiving a set of radio link parameters, as defined in a standard or otherwise available, such as the BER, FER, RxLev, handover statistics, soft information, and speech energy. Temporal information is obtained from the radio link parameters to create a set of temporal parameters which can be statistically analyzed, for example, for the maximum and minimum, mean, standard deviation, and autocorrelation values for a time interval. The temporal parameters are combined to yield a set of correlated parameters that are more closely related to the speech quality. An estimator then uses the correlated parameters to calculate an estimate for the speech quality. The method of the present invention takes advantage of temporal information and correlated relationships from the transmitted parameters. Furthermore, the method is inherently simple and reliable as compared to prior art methods. Still further, the technique provides a method that allows operators to monitor quality conditions throughout the network.

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