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Quick positioning device of a bank knife

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6155154.

A quick positioning device of a bank knife installed with a positioning device on one side of the knife seat body having a dovetail groove is disclosed. The positioning deuce comprising: a locking block pivotally installed on the knife seat body; an elastic element ejecting against the locking block; a handle pivotally installed on the knife seat body, one end of the handle being connected with linkages, one end of the linkages being connected to the locking block, another end of the handle being formed as a movable portion. When the knife seat body is located across the dovetail seat by the dovetail groove, by moving the movable portion of the handle, the linkage is driven to push the locking block so that the locking block will tightly resist against the dovetail seat. Thus the knife seat body may be positioned on the dovetail seat quickly.

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