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Suit hanger with air freshener

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6149038.

A suit hanger includes a central casing in which an air freshener is housed and two arms attached to opposite sides of the central casing. The central casing defines at least one air inlet opening for drawing air into the air freshener to generate cleaned air. Each arm defines at least one air outlet opening in communication with the air freshener for driving the cleaned air into clothes hung by the suit hanger thereby deodorizing the clothes. A hook is removably attached to the central casing for hanging the suit hanger on a cross bar. The arms are movable with respect to the central casing between a filly expanded position and a collapsed position and at least a partially expanded position therebetween for hanging clothes of different sizes. The arms may also be inserted into shoes for supplying the cleaned into and thus deodorizing the shoes. The suit hanger may also serve as a stand-alone air freshener by removing clothes or shoes from the arms whereby the cleaned air is allowed to be supplied into the environments.

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