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Door wire harness arrangement structure for vehicles

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6135538.

A door wire harness arrangement structure is provided. In this structure, a wire harness protector is made up of a soft elastic member and thin flexible plates, slidable inside a door, and flexible and restorable in the thickness direction. The soft elastic member may have an oval-shaped cross section. The wire harness protector may be made up of a pair of thin flexible plates and soft elastic members which join the thin plates together at both ends in the width direction. The wire harness protector may have a flat shape, and be provided with a flat wire harness inside. It is also possible to flexibly attach only the flat harness between the door and the main body without the wire harness protector. Slide protrusions and/or fabric for reducing frictional resistance are provided on both sides of the flat harness protector. The flat wire harness is made up of wires secured to a thin resin plate with an adhesive layer or a laminate layer.

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