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Apparatus for selectively enabling or disabling an actuatable occupant protection device

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6133648.

The present invention provides an apparatus (10) for selectively enabling or disabling an actuatable vehicle occupant protection device (18). The apparatus (10) includes a cylindrical housing (80) having an inner sidewall portion (88), which has an annular ledge (90) adjacent the first end (82). A locking rib (102) extends axially a predetermined distance from the ledge (90) toward the second end (84) of the housing (80). The inner sidewall portion (88) has a pair of spaced apart locking channels (104 and 106) along opposed sides of the locking rib (102). An elongated shaft member (40) is disposed within and rotatable relative to the housing (80). The shaft member (40) has at least one slot (50) extending axially from a first end (42) portion of the shaft member (40). A blade member (56) is disposed within and axially movable relative to the shaft member (40). The blade member (56) has at least one arm (60) extending radially through the slot (50) and into one of the locking channels (104 or 106). The arm (60) is moveable between locking positions through rotation of the shaft member (40) with an appropriate key (32). Selective movement of the arm (60) from one locking position to another results in enabling or disabling the protection device (18).

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