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Combustion engine

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #6125799.

The invention relates to a combustion engine provided with an engine block having a plurality of cylinders received therein and auxiliary equipment connected to the engine, wherein the engine block has identical connecting parts at a number of different locations and the auxiliary devices are each arranged on such a connecting part. The positions of the auxiliary devices can thus be interchanged in simple manner subject to the desired configuration of the engine. The invention further relates to an engine block, a cover embodied as casting, a supercharging unit, a lubricant unit and an exhaust gases conduit system, each intended for use in such a combustion engine. Finally, the invention relates to a method for manufacturing a combustion engine, by manufacturing an engine block having identical connecting parts arranged thereon at a number of different positions, determining the use of the engine and, subject thereto, connecting the required auxiliary equipment to the connecting parts.

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