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Double-chamber tank and method of manufacturing the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6123216.

A double-chamber tank comprising; a first storage tank and a second storage tank, which are partitioned by a partitioning wall integrally formed therewith; wherein the first storage tank, the second storage tank and the partitioning wall are constituted by a first split counterpart and a second split counterpart, both splitting the first storage tank, the second storage tank and the partitioning wall into one of upper and lower sections, right and left sections, or fore and rear sections; and wherein both of the first split counterpart and second split counterpart are molded by means of an injection molding method, and are bonded with each other through a bonding between a joining edge of the first split counterpart and a joining edge of the second split counterpart, which is effected by means of a vibration welding.

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