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Composite door and frame

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6122869.

A swing door is described having a door frame, hinge assembly, transparent panels supported by the door frame and a glazing strip surrounding the panel edges. The door frame is formed from pultruded rail elements wherein each rail element is defined by a rail profile including a channel for accepting the panel and forming seal with the glazing strip. The channel has a base defined by a first wall in the profile and the profile further includes second, third and fourth continuous walls having outside surfaces and defining with the first wall and enclosure adjacent to channel for receiving the hinge assembly and wherein the outside surfaces are substantially free of projections from their surfaces. A frame assembly for supporting such a door includes a pultruded frame rail element having a first leg and a second leg integral with each other and wherein each of the first and second legs have respective thicknesses and wherein each leg includes at least one internal wall defining a fully enclosed void within the thickness of the leg.

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