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Providing enhanced services through double SIV and personal dial tone

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6122357.

An intelligent telephone network provides personalized communication services based on subscriber prescribed double voice identification of the calling and answering parties on a subscriber line. Specifically, when a person requests a service, the network executes a double speaker identification/verification procedure to identify first and second subscriber identified voices on a call. One or more switching offices of the network utilize profile data associated with the identified subscriber to control services over a predetermined communication link. For example, on a call over a telephone line, the speaker identification/verification process provides a virtual office equipment number corresponding to one of the subscriber designated voices. The central office switch that is servicing the call receives the virtual office equipment number and uses that number to retrieve profile data associated with the subscriber including subscriber prescribed processing routine. The central office switch provides a personalized form of service to the subscriber by processing the call using the retrieved profile data. As part of this service, the switch and the network provide individualized double voice identification to provide identification of the premises location and address of an unidentified caller. The service further provides recording of the call and automatic transmission of the location of the calling party to police as well as bridging of the call to police monitoring and/or recording.

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