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Grinding fixture and assembly

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6120364.

A grinding fixture that allows a variety of helical shapes to be ground upon a variety of cutting inserts. The grinding fixture includes a bottom sine base for varying a first angle. A shaft is rotatably attached to the bottom sine base for providing rotation of the insert about an axis. A primary slide is rotatably attached to the shalt in parallel relation to the top surface of the bottom sine base for adjusting the position of a locating point on the insert in a first direction relative to the axis of rotation. The locating point is adjusted in a second direction relative to the axis of rotation by a cross slide attached to, and disposed in perpendicular relation with, the primary slide. A top sine assembly is fixedly attached to the cross slide for varying a second angle and includes a connection surface for fixedly connecting the insert holder to the sine assembly.

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