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Image display device

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #6115024.

There is provided an image display device which is capable of clearly displaying the use of each fixed format for forming an image and the image formed according to the fixed format on a small-sized display screen with small memory capacity. A display device is switched between a text display mode for displaying an image of a character string corresponding to text data on a display screen thereof and an image display mode for displaying an image corresponding to image data on the display screen. In the text display mode, a plurality of fixed formats are selectively displayed for use in creating object image data. The fixed formats each have predetermined entry items to which the text data is to be input. One of the fixed formats presented in the text display mode is selected and set to a designated format. The text data input to the predetermined entry items is stored as input text data. An image representative of part of whole of the object image data created based on the designated fixed format by using the input text data is displayed in the image display mode. If no text data has been input to any of the predetermined entry items of the designated format, there is displayed an image representative of part or whole of the object image data created by using dummy data for the text data to be input to the any of the predetermined entry items.

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