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Radio frequency-transmissive compositions, methods of forming radio frequency-transmissive compositions

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6114447.

Radio frequency-transmissive compositions having reduced dissipation factors, microelectronic devices, and in particular, wireless radio frequency communication devices which utilize such compositions, and methods of forming the same are described. In one implementation, a liquid resin is provided and a solid organic polymer filler material is provided within the resin to impart a degree of radio frequency transmissivity which is greater than that of the resin alone, i.e. the composition has a reduced dissipation factor. An exemplary resin comprises epoxy and an exemplary filler material is a polytetrafluoroethylene powder. In another implementation, such composition is formed or applied over a substrate which includes an antenna formed thereon and cured to provide a solid coating. The substrate can also have integrated circuitry and a battery mounted thereon to provide a wireless communication device. In such a case, the composition can be formed over and cured atop the integrated circuitry and the battery.

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