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Gas flow furnace

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6109914.

The present invention relates to a gas recirculating furnace which aims to enable generation of a high-temperature strong recirculating current and comprises heat sources 3A and 3B for heating a recirculating gas outside the furnace and an out-of-furnace circulating path 4 for taking combustion gas in the inner space of the furnace 18 to the outside of the furnace and flowing it back to the inside of the furnace 18 from a different position. The out-of-furnace circulating path 4 includes: regenerative beds 5A and 5B at recirculating gas current intake and outlet openings 9A and 9B communicating with heating chambers 2; a circulating fan 6; a passage switching device 7 for selectively and alternately connecting an intake side and a discharge side of the circulating fan 6 with one of the regenerative beds 5A and 5B; and a heat removing means 8 for performing heat removal or dilution in order to change gaseity of the gas current in a section between the regenerative beds 5A and 5B, thereby forming inside the furnace 18 a high-temperature strong recirculating current 10 for periodically inverting a flow direction of the gas current by the passage switching device 7.

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