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Underground boring and pipe installation

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6109831.

A utility power unit (10) for underground drilling and pipe laying operations comprises a stationary frame portion (12), a movable frame portion (14) capable of performing sliding movement relative to the stationary frame portion (12) and hydraulic cylinders (44) between the stationary and the movable frame portions (12, 14) for effecting the relative movement. The movable frame portion (14) includes an attachment (36) for removably attaching a tool connecting member (38) thereto and a further attachment (40) for removably attaching a rotary drive unit (52) thereto. The invention also provides a method of directional boring along an intended underground path (62) comprising the steps of providing a machine pit (60) at a location along the intended path (62) and drilling a bore along the intended path (62) by means of directional drilling apparatus (10) which includes a stem (30) provided with a drill (68) at a forward end thereof. The bore is started from an inside wall (64) of the pit (60) and at a location beneath ground surface.

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