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Horizontal drilling method

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6109828.

A bore hole support system is formed from a flexible liner that is readily everted within a bore hole and forms a bore hole support system to install a casing in the bore hole while supporting the bore hole walls. After a pilot hole is drilled, the pilot hole is traversed with a reamer to form the pilot hole diameter to a larger diameter for the final bore hole. The flexible liner with the attached casing is everted and pressurized behind the reamer as the reamer traverses the pilot hole to support walls defining the bore hole while pulling the casing into the bore hole. The liner is simply removed from a storage and everting canister and remains with the casing in the bore hole. In certain circumstances, the liner may be coated with a water soluble material so that the casing may be in fluid communication with the bore hole walls when the coating has dissolved.

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