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Honeycomb body with a flattened cross-sectional region and a method for producing the honeycomb body

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6109386.

A honeycomb body that including wound sheet-metal layers including structured sheet-metal layers with structuring. The wound sheet-metal layers form an upper side, a lower side disposed remote from the upper side, a first edge region and a second edge region laterally extending from the upper side to the lower side. The second edge region is disposed remote from the first edge region. The wound sheet-metal layers are fixed in a common fixing zone at the first edge region. The structuring of the structured sheet-metal layers is at least partially flattened at the fixing zone so that adjacent wound sheet-metal layers lie close against each other at the common fixing zone. The wound sheet-metal layers preferably form a region with a flattened cross-sectional area. A muffler of an exhaust gas system of an internal combustion engine that includes the honeycomb body is also provided. In addition, a two-region housing that includes the honeycomb body is provided. Finally, a process for producing the honeycomb body is provided.

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