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Mechanized foldable bed

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6108839.

A mechanized foldable bed is disclosed. The foldable bed has a front frame assembly and a rear frame assembly pivotal with respect to the front frame assembly. The foldable bed has a motor securely mounted under the bed, a driving rod driven by the motor, a first connecting rod pivotally connected with the driving rod, a second connecting rod pivotally connected with the first connecting rod and a third connecting rod connected with the second connecting rod. A tube securely mounted under the bed is for receiving the second connecting rod therethrough. Furthermore, due to a first connector being securely connected with the front frame assembly and pivotally connected with the driving rod and a second connector pivotally between the rear frame assembly and the third connecting rod, the torso and legs of a patient are supported simultaneously or only the torso.

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