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Dispensing assembly equipped with a unidirectional closure member

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6102256.

An assembly for dispensing a fluid product includes a container with two separated compartments; and a dispensing head containing a channel for dispensing the product. The channel is two dispensing passages, each associated with a respective compartment, and each terminating in a dispensing orifice opening to the outside. A closure member is located at the dispensing orifices. The closure member is a springy leaf at least partially in contact with a seat at the dispensing orifices, when dispensing is not taking place, moving away at least partially, from the seat by flexing under the pressure of the product being dispensed and coming back, by elasticity, to its initial position, when dispensing ceases by the action of a stressing member. The springy leaf is a flexible material and the stressing member is a heel attached to the dispensing head.

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