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Safety closure and container

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6102223.

A child resistant cap including relatively thin threads which, when the cap is in a relaxed condition, are spaced from the bottle neck, said spacing permitting the cap to be squeezed inward at points on opposite sides of the cap so that the cap responds to the squeezing by expanding outward at points ninety degrees from the squeezing points so that stops on the cap at the cap expanding location will miss the stops normally engaged when in a relaxed condition, thereby permitting the cap to be removed from the bottle. The cap may also include a guide ring in the cap interior to guide the cap over the bottle neck to help ensure that the cap is centered on the bottle opening. The cap may include pressure pads on the cap skirt outside near the cap bottom showing the user where to press and stiffening the portion of the cap where pressure is to be applied. And, the cap may include a tamper indicating ring which will separate from the cap the first time the cap is removed from the bottle. Furthermore, in an alternative cap and bottle combination, an imaginary line connecting the cap threads and an imaginary line defined by the bottle neck will intersect at an angle of from one to eight degrees, thereby providing an increasing gap between the cap threads and the bottle neck as one gets further from the cap top, this angle creating non-vertical changes to the cap or the bottle or both.

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