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Granular material color sorting apparatus utilizing fluid jets with an injection delay control unit

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6100488.

A granular material sorting apparatus comprises a transfer device for causing material grains to fall down, optical detector units mounted along the falling-down locus of the material grains, an injection nozzle device for injecting air to the material grains, and a control unit for controlling operation of the injection nozzle device in response to detection by the optical detector unit. The optical detector units and the control unit optically detect and discriminate colored grains different in color from good material grains and foreign matters in similar color to the good material grains or transparent, which are mixed in the material grains, and activate the injection nozzle device in a predetermined period of time after the detection to remove the detected bad grains. The control unit sets different injection times and different injection delay times depending whether the bad grains are colored grains or foreign matters.

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