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Apparatus and method for cleaning discrete materials

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6099660.

Artificial filament is washed, rinsed and dried in a portable apparatus. The filament is fed onto a substantially horizontal conveyor for transportation through a washing cycle. A plurality of oscillating spray nozzles provide a washing solution from over the filament material as it is transported on the conveyor. The washed filaments are distributed to an upward sloping conveyor which directs the filaments between two substantially vertical conveyors belts. The filaments are rinsed while being carried upward between the vertical conveyor belts. The filaments are then transported horizontally on a conveyor belt. Drying nozzles direct air across the filaments to dry the filaments. The dried material is then ejected from the apparatus or redirected to the washing conveyor if it is determined that a second cleaning cycle is required.

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