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Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6086431.

A retainer is provided to increase a locking force of the retainer and to ensure an accurate detection of insufficient insertion. The retainer 30 is provided with locking struts 32 which can enter behind secondary locking portions 26 of terminals 20 in their proper insertion positions. A pair of projections 33 further project from the leading end of each locking strut 32. The two projections 33 are spaced such that a contact portion 21 of the terminal 20 can be held therebetween. If the retainer 30 is pushed to its full lock position after the terminals 20 are inserted, the locking struts 32 enter behind the secondary locking portions 26 while the projections 33 are holding the contact portions 21 therebetween. An engaging area of the retainer 30 with the terminals 20 is increased by providing the projections 33 and, accordingly, a locking force is increased. If the terminals 20 are left insufficiently inserted, the projections 33 at the leading ends of the locking struts 32 come into contact with the side surfaces of covers 22, thereby preventing any further entry of the retainer 30. Since a bulging distance of the retainer 30 is increased by providing the projections 33, the insufficient insertion of the terminals 20 can easily and accurately be detected.

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